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Saturday, September 04, 2004


Today I went for a cycle along the canal tow-path with dad, Kate, PS & JW. There were loads of fishermen along the bank. It struck me as the most boring way possible of spending a Saturday - several hours sitting all by yourself in the hope of catching somehting worthwhile. Don't think they were too impressed at having to move their rods out of the way so we could pass them, or by the dogs trying to steal their sandwiches.

Went upstairs to tidy my room when I got home, which really needs doing because I'm fed up of it being a mess every time I go in. Ended up going to bed for a nap instead though - not all that productive!

Am struggling to find the motivation to do any of the things I need to be doing at the moment - like tidying my room, applying for jobs in the vague hope that one of them might decide they like the look of me & sorting out some of my El Salvador / Mexico photos into an album. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get on with it all a bit better.


  • At 9:21 am, Blogger Sarah S said…

    Yesterday morning I would have definitely agreed with you that fishing is the most boring way to spend a Saturday afternoon. However, after spending all afternoon writing a presentation I am now not quite so sure!

    I hope you are feeling a bit more motivated today...its horrible when you have a great long list of things to do but just don't want to do any of them (as is regularly the case with me!)

    Anyway, once again I am distracting myself on the internet and should probably go and get on with what I am supposed to be doing.

    Sarah xx


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