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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Scout Jamboree

I managed to take a break from my dissertation this week to visit Raff at the World Scout Jamboree. Very glad that I managed to go. Wednesday was a good day to visit, being the Scouts' 100th birthday - lots of partying :) Here are some photos from my visit.

I wasn't too impressed at having to get out of my sleeping bag at 4.15 am to raise the flags in time for sunrise - but it was definitely worth it. Even managed to stay awake long enough to see the "clock show" at 11 (but did have a bit of a nap in the afternoon). Slept the best I have in ages on Wednesday night, despite being in a tent.

Was sad to have to leave :(

Less than 4 weeks to go until my dissertation is due in EEEEEEEK! Better stop bloggin and get on with it.


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