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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not from around here?! :(

Remembering what weekends are for...

I've had a good weekend up in Halifax. It's been busy, although I have had some resting and book reading time this afternoon which was very nice.

It's been a very church orientated weekend - helping out at the coffee morning yesterday, talking about El Salvador in the service this morning and going to the pub (& a very wet walk) with church people this evening.

Was lovely to catch up with friends on Friday evening (at last I've been to Kate's "new" house) although I was badly insulted by the taxi driver on the way home :(

Mum & I are going to look at wedding dresses tomorrow - very exciting! I'm hoping that by starting early enough I will manage to stay excited about it and not get stressed.

Then back to the big smog and to remember that finishing exams doesn't mean I don't have work to do.


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