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Monday, July 16, 2007

Grrrrr... Free newspapers

I am quite capable of picking up a newspaper if I want one. I don't see the need to have 4 thrust in front of me at every corner / station entrance / everywhere else they are waiting to pounce or getting in the way of people trying to go places.

OK, rant over.

Had a bit of a break from my dissertation this weekend. Raff took me out for dinner for my birthday on Friday :) Quarter of a century now, eek! Then I was helping set things out at the World Scout Jamboree site. Would have been nice to stay and get into the camp atmosphere properly, but I can't :( Am hoping to visit during the event at some point though :)

Been feeling a bit miserable, mostly I think because I am stressed about getting my dissertation finished and also because I'm not getting to see much of Raff - but then I end up taking it out on him which isn't very fair or make much sense!


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