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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Writing a Dissertation Is Like Climbing A Mountain

Flat walk in - quite long & boring = faffing about for weeks not really getting anywhere very far

Starting to climb = begining to put something together

Reaching the last slog to the summit, seems almost impossible but you know if you just keep going you'll get there and it will feel great = last few days when it's still not written and needs to be finished

So, I haven't yet reached the top but am on the final leg.

Hopefully I will get there (before dark / deadline). I'm sure once I do I will think it was worth it and will look forward to relaxing (easy descent)

The analogy probably carries on: aching knees on the way down = realisation that you can't relax & be happy with one achivement for ever & have to keep going again

hmmm..... most of that probably makes no sense and I should go to bed!


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