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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dublin's (or should that be Blackpool's?) Fair City

Kate, John & I had a long weekend visiting Lucy in Dublin. Thanks Lu & Dave for your great hospitality.

Lots of fun! We went to L & D's work Christmas party - drinks & buffet kind of affair. We ignored the 'friends can come as long as they don't eat the buffet', but to be fair there was plenty left over anyway and I don't think the party would have been nearly as fun without us. The Irish (& Sunderlandish) men were all very sad to see Kate leave ;)

Of course we didn't spend the whole weekend in the pubs - had to fit some culture in. So we visited the Guiness Brewery, where we learnt all about the making of the black gold (whilst keeping on up to the top for our pint). We also went to Dublinia, where we learnt about Medieval Ireland,Dublin Castle & Kilmainham Gaol. All were very interesting - I was very impressed by how much the guides could remember to speel off on their tours (& of course their accents).

Photos of the weekend should follow at somepoint.


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