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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Like waiting for a bus...

I'm feeling much better than I was when I wrote my last couple of posts. Quite a bit has been happening so I thought I should update you all.

Went down to Cambridge last Thursday for an interview, then stayed with Sarah D in St Albans. Had a lovely quiet day on Friday when Sarah was at work, with my only tasks being to find the post office depot to pick up a parcel & concoct something for dinner. I really enjoyed myself - made me realise it's a long time since I've been able to do nothing much & not feel guilty for not doing anything, because there wasn't actually anything I could be doing (ok I didn't do much at the begining of last week either, but it's different when you're not feeling well!) Hmm... why do my sentances always end up so long in blog posts?! It was a shame I didn't see any of the rest of you southern people while I was down there, but hopefully will do soon.

We got a new dog at the weekend :) Lottie. She's a crazy 1 year old border collie / german shepherd cross & is lovely. I do feel very sorry for her old owners, who are giving her up due to work commitments & have obviously put a lot of time & effort into training her & were very sad to see her go.

On Monday I had an interview up in Stockton, rescheduled from last week. Went up on Sunday & stayed at Joe's. They definitely need Ed's Cleaning Fairy to visit that house. I found driving up on Sunday evening very tiring, as most of the way it was snowing quite heavily which made my eyes go really funny. Driving back on Monday was worse though, due more to idiot drivers than the actual snow - especially the truck driver who pulled sharply in front of me making me skid.

On Monday afternoon I had a phone call from the man in Stockton who'd interviewed me to offer me the job. Was very happy to recieve my first job offer in 7 months of looking, but it's made things very awkward for the last few days because I wanted to hear back from Cambridge before making any decisions. Feel quite bad that I've been holding back, especially as they were wanting me to start next Monday to overlap with the person I'm replacing before he leaves on Wednesday.

This morning I was called my my ex-boss & asked if I could go into work, as they're having a too much work & too few staff crisis. So I was back once again & have been added as a 'reservist' so I can now go in whenever for up to 5 years (am hoping I won't be around enough to do that though!)

This is turning into a long waffle. Wonder if any of you are still reading to get to my main point of the post piece of news? Found out today that I have got the Cambridge job and, without wanting to waffle too much more, am going to go for that one. It should be a good thing to have 2 jobs to choose between, but I have found it to be very stressful! The agency who got me the Stockton interview were very understanding, which was good of them (they are the people who spent 2 days training me last year hence me feeling particularly guilty that I'm not going with them).


  • At 11:10 am, Blogger Sarah S said…

    Congratulations Rosie! I am looking forward to having you in Cambridge, it'll be like Halifax and Sheffield all over again!


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