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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Had a good weekend in Canterbury with Ruth & Sarah. We camped at a Camping Club site pretty close to the centre of the city. It was a lovely site & far better than being next to the motorway in Birmingham! Far more luxurious than my flat - what a novelty it is to have hot water flowing from the taps :)

We went to the Canterbury Tales museum, which I thought was very good and visited the Cathedral. On Saturday we went to the seaside. Unfortunately the lovely weather the rest of the country had didn't quite reach our corner of Kent and it was very cold. Even I wasn't tempted to go into the sea. Sunday was far sunnier, although I didn't consider until too late that sun cream would have been a good idea. We stopped off at Leeds Castle on our way home.

Yesterday evening I managed to get myself into a stressed/vaguely panicky state for no particular reason - mainly caused by too many interruptions to cooking dinner. Very silly of me really. I think sometimes my body gets its feelings mixed up and turns rushing to do things into panickyness that is there for no real reason. Hmm... sense I'm beginning to make no sense so perhaps it's time to shut up. Thanks Raff for calming me down!

On the work front, I'm really enjoying my job. I think I sometimes have given people slightly the wrong impression by telling you that I don't feel that I know enough. It's true that I think that quite frequently, but I am learning & have been liking what I've been doing. Hopefully I will be getting out visiting sites a bit soon, which should be fun. Oh, and they want to keep me on once my probabtionary contract thingy finishes - so I'm happy about that too.


  • At 10:49 pm, Blogger Toph said…

    Sorry for contributing to you being fraddled whatever that might be :-)

    Always good to know that your job is safe and nice that they want to keep you on.

  • At 2:50 am, Blogger osm18 said…

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