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Thursday, May 12, 2005

A quiet blog

I haven't had much spare time over the past few weeks for playing about on the internet / updating my blog. It seems a shame in a way, especially seeing as I'm now away from most of my readers and perhaps it would actually be interesting for them to read about what I've been up to. On the other hand, I do sometimes think that blogging is really pretty sad / geeky.

Cambridge has turned out to be a great place to move to. This would be mostly to do with Raff being here. (In case you don't know, he's the 'man' referred to in my previous post). He would also be the person to blame for my lack of spare time to blog.

My weekends have been very busy ever since moving here, with lots of travelling back up north for various things. Last weekend I got to stay at home and do not much for a change, which was lovely & relaxing! Made me think I should book 'doing nothing' time into my schedule, although that tends to get overwiped by other things too easily.

I got around to finding an orchestra to go along to, but decided after one rehearsal that it wasn't for me. It was a bit too tricky to be fun and the rehearsals would take up more time than I'd like to give to them. Still, I'm glad I tried it. I have found some Brownies to go to (yes, I know I'm a bit old for that), which has been more of a success. I am struggling with remembering all of their names - at the end of the meeting I think I've learnt a few more but by the next week they're forgotten again!

Better go, as I'm off to Canterbury tomorrow and haven't packed anything yet.

Maybe I'll start updating this more often again. It'd definitely make writing it easier when I do if I did.


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