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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Betws y Coed

Had a lovely long weekend in Snowdonia with Raff, having spent all day Friday at work boiling hot & wishing that I was already on holiday. Unfortunately Friday's good weather didn't continue into Saturday, at least not where we were. We spent quite a while waiting in the car for the rain to stop before setting off on our walk up Glyder Fach (sp?).

Sunday was far better weather again & we walked/scrambled up Snowdon in the sun. The route we took up wasn't too busy, especially not compared to Crib Goch which we could see with a huge queue of people all the way along. The summit, however, was extremely crowded - definitely not the way a mountain top should be!

I'm still enjoying work, although it's a bit strange at the moment as my immediate boss & only other person who is in my team and my office is away all week. I'm faffing about quite a lot trying to make up things to do. Have a minor panic attack whenever the phone rings that it will be someone wanting a quick answer on something I have no idea about - although I have impressed myself so far by managing to deal with most things (albeit as vaguely and non-commitedly as possible).

My cousin came to visit for dinner tonight (once again the week day non-drinking fails!). It was good to see him - and about time too, seeing as I've been here almost 3 months now.


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