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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Lovely Weekend +

Had yet another busy weekend. Went to a party with Raff's work on Friday night, with a Wild West Theme. After much pleading, I was allowed to wear a cowboy hat :) Good food, good fun on the bucking donkey (ok, so it's a bull), good try at line dancing and a generally good evening. Got to meet Raff's workmates, who were all nice & friendly.

Saturday was Raff's birthday & we went to London for the day. Saw the queen (well, back of her head just about), the naked cyclists (slightly bizarre) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (fantastic - I definitely recommend you all go & see it before it finishes in September).

Was quite in need of a rest by Sunday, though we did manage to find enough energy to go swimming. The slides were great fun (& much faster than I was expecting).

I was feeling a bit miserable a week or so ago & blaming it on not being sure about knowing enough at work, although I'm not entirely convinced that was the reason so much as what I put it down to. Anyway, work is good at the moment. I've been getting to spend lots of time out in the sun supervising (if you can possibly supervise something you know far less about than the people actually doing it!) a site investigation.

We're going up to Yorkshire next weekend, stopping of briefly in Halifax to see my parents, Joe & PS & L then going on up to Rippon to stay at Raff's parents' house. I'm looking forward to meeting them, although a little bit apprehensive! I tend to have been finding recently that things I've worried about beforehand have been turning out absolutely fine, so hopefully this will be the same.

Sarah D was working in Cambridge again this week so came to stay on Monday. Was good to see you Sarah. Extra special this time because she drove across :) (Having passed her driving test a little while ago).

Speaking of driving, Lupy has been injured :( A nasty dent has appeared in his front wing on the passenger side, which I discovered on my way to the dustbins.


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