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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Too much to type about

Oh dear I've done it again, left it too long between posts so I have too many things to write about & am bound to be leaving lots out.

We went up to Yorkshire last weekend, to visit my family in Halifax & Raff's in Rippon. It was a good weekend, apart from the hours spent in a sweltering hot car. Raff's parents were lovely, just hope they thought the same of me! His house definitely had a far calmer feel to it than mine - perhaps helped by the lack of dogs racing about chasing hose pipes & footballs.

I spent all week in a boiling hot office hoping for a thunderstorm to dumuggify the place. Storms were then forecast for Friday, when I was working out on site all day (just my luck!) It all turned out well though, as it only rained during our lunch break when I could take refuge in my car.

I went to Oxford for the day yesterday, to visit Kev. It was nice to catch up with people who I've not seen much / at all since leaving university (nearly 2 years ago now - scary!). Sarah D drove me from St Albans to Oxford and back, having recently passed her driving test. She was a bit worried about slip roads & roundabouts, but the driving was fine & gave me no cause for concern - well done Sarah!! Kev suggested I should think about becoming a driving instructor - not sure it'd be a great idea. I'm definitely not patient enough & not sure I could cope with learners trying to destroy my car.

I found another church to try in Cambridge this morning. It's very close to home, has a good mix of ages & the people were all very friendly & made an effort to make me feel welcome. I expect I'll be going back to this one again. I've not been to church much since I moved down here, mainly because I've been busy / away most weekends. It'd be nice to find somewhere I could settle into & start to feel belonging.


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