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Monday, August 08, 2005

Mud & tents

I was thinking I should write something about our trip to Robin Hood's Bay last weekend, but have been far too busy since then to find time to post. Ed & Toph have beaten me now so I don't need to bother.

Last week was pretty fun, hectic & tiring. I was working near Ipswich, getting knee deep in mud :)Spent a couple of nights in Chelmsford (at Eurojam). Not exactly the best way of getting a good nights sleep - especially with sound checks from the main stage at 6 am. Didn't stop me from going back there for the weekend though. Had lots of fun litter picking, taking down flags, putting up flags etc & was good to see Raff again. Was very sad to leave on Sunday evening & return to the real world. Having said that, the real world is being pretty good to me at the moment & it's only 4 days until a certain person returns from camp :)

Off to plan some science experiements to try out with my Brownies.


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