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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The quiet relatively gentle last week of term I had been hoping for is turning into a bit of a stressful nightmare! Ah well, only 2 days to go before this first part of the endurance test is over.

On a positive note, the test we had on Tuesday wasn't as bad as I had expected (which doesn't mean I got most of it right, but I was at least able to understand the questions well enough to have a vague stab at answering them!)

Also managed to fit in a game of squash this afternoon (have been trying to arrange it since start of term in October) - was good fun and I must do it more often. Have a feeling I'm going to ache tomorrow.

I fear that I'm resorting to blogging instead of getting on with what I really should be. It's too easy to find things more preferable to do than figuring out a 22000+ row spreadsheet.


  • At 2:09 pm, Blogger Sarah S said…

    blogging, or rather reading other people's blogs (unless I get tempted to write a post myself!) is definitely more interesting than revising too. Have been making so many revision notes recently that my hand and elbow hurt...not a good sign!


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