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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A busy week in the Sun

Last week was very busy and tiring, but fun.

We had great weather for our field trip to Cheddar. Got more of a tan from 2 days there than I did from a week in Greece. Was pleased to have a dry tent to take down.

Went sailing from Southampton to the Isle of Wight on Friday with my new work colleagues (to be). Sailing is a loose term, due to the lack of wind. It was good fun and a great introduction to the company! Really enjoyed the speed boat.

We did manage to make it to the camping weekend in Derbyshire by Saturday evening - with a detour via Chelmsford to pick Raff up. Can't really complain seeing as though I'd stolen his car for the week. Not sure dad would have approved of the campsite - realised we needn't have bothered with the usual turning off the car radio as we aproached the site when we heard all the noise from the on site pub!


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