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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Yay! It's the weekend!

It's been another very busy week. Don't think I really had anything much planned at the beginning of it, but I still ended up doing things every night. At least I'm not sitting around bored with nothing to do, but by last night all I had the energy to do when I got home from work was eat tea then climb into bed at 7.30. Apparently I need to learn to say no sometimes.

I've watched a couple of films; Big Fish (was ok, but didn't seem to have all that much to it) & Bourne Identity (far too much action where I couldn't figure out what was happening, and tense bits waiting for people to be shot).

Wednesday was a 'girly' night with a bottle of wine - definitely should do it more often!

Ben came to visit on Thursday - was good to catch up. Not seen him since we graduated, which is over a year ago now (scary).

The sore throat I've been feeling about to get for the past couple of weeks has finally caught up with me :(


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