Dozy Rosie

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another New Job

Well, not exactly - I'll still be doing the same thing but as of tomorrow I'll be employed properly instead of working through the agency :) Hopefully will be getting more money too, depending on how much disappears into pensions and things.

Having a good week. The site investigation I was working on has finished, so I've not had to be out in the thunder storms (which have been very impressive).

Got taken out for dinner last night :)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Too much to type about

Oh dear I've done it again, left it too long between posts so I have too many things to write about & am bound to be leaving lots out.

We went up to Yorkshire last weekend, to visit my family in Halifax & Raff's in Rippon. It was a good weekend, apart from the hours spent in a sweltering hot car. Raff's parents were lovely, just hope they thought the same of me! His house definitely had a far calmer feel to it than mine - perhaps helped by the lack of dogs racing about chasing hose pipes & footballs.

I spent all week in a boiling hot office hoping for a thunderstorm to dumuggify the place. Storms were then forecast for Friday, when I was working out on site all day (just my luck!) It all turned out well though, as it only rained during our lunch break when I could take refuge in my car.

I went to Oxford for the day yesterday, to visit Kev. It was nice to catch up with people who I've not seen much / at all since leaving university (nearly 2 years ago now - scary!). Sarah D drove me from St Albans to Oxford and back, having recently passed her driving test. She was a bit worried about slip roads & roundabouts, but the driving was fine & gave me no cause for concern - well done Sarah!! Kev suggested I should think about becoming a driving instructor - not sure it'd be a great idea. I'm definitely not patient enough & not sure I could cope with learners trying to destroy my car.

I found another church to try in Cambridge this morning. It's very close to home, has a good mix of ages & the people were all very friendly & made an effort to make me feel welcome. I expect I'll be going back to this one again. I've not been to church much since I moved down here, mainly because I've been busy / away most weekends. It'd be nice to find somewhere I could settle into & start to feel belonging.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Lovely Weekend +

Had yet another busy weekend. Went to a party with Raff's work on Friday night, with a Wild West Theme. After much pleading, I was allowed to wear a cowboy hat :) Good food, good fun on the bucking donkey (ok, so it's a bull), good try at line dancing and a generally good evening. Got to meet Raff's workmates, who were all nice & friendly.

Saturday was Raff's birthday & we went to London for the day. Saw the queen (well, back of her head just about), the naked cyclists (slightly bizarre) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (fantastic - I definitely recommend you all go & see it before it finishes in September).

Was quite in need of a rest by Sunday, though we did manage to find enough energy to go swimming. The slides were great fun (& much faster than I was expecting).

I was feeling a bit miserable a week or so ago & blaming it on not being sure about knowing enough at work, although I'm not entirely convinced that was the reason so much as what I put it down to. Anyway, work is good at the moment. I've been getting to spend lots of time out in the sun supervising (if you can possibly supervise something you know far less about than the people actually doing it!) a site investigation.

We're going up to Yorkshire next weekend, stopping of briefly in Halifax to see my parents, Joe & PS & L then going on up to Rippon to stay at Raff's parents' house. I'm looking forward to meeting them, although a little bit apprehensive! I tend to have been finding recently that things I've worried about beforehand have been turning out absolutely fine, so hopefully this will be the same.

Sarah D was working in Cambridge again this week so came to stay on Monday. Was good to see you Sarah. Extra special this time because she drove across :) (Having passed her driving test a little while ago).

Speaking of driving, Lupy has been injured :( A nasty dent has appeared in his front wing on the passenger side, which I discovered on my way to the dustbins.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Note to Peggy-Sue

Hey Peggy how are you? How are you getting on with Lottie now? Have you seen much of your other friends recently? I know I'm probably not really one to comment - being as my blog hasn't been particularly well updated recently - but yours seems to have died off completely. I've been missing you lots since moving away, the least you could do would be to post occasionally so I can read about what you've been up to!

PS - note to mum / dad / friends who I've seen less of since leaving Halifax:
Don start feeling left out & offended - of course I miss you all too!

Betws y Coed

Had a lovely long weekend in Snowdonia with Raff, having spent all day Friday at work boiling hot & wishing that I was already on holiday. Unfortunately Friday's good weather didn't continue into Saturday, at least not where we were. We spent quite a while waiting in the car for the rain to stop before setting off on our walk up Glyder Fach (sp?).

Sunday was far better weather again & we walked/scrambled up Snowdon in the sun. The route we took up wasn't too busy, especially not compared to Crib Goch which we could see with a huge queue of people all the way along. The summit, however, was extremely crowded - definitely not the way a mountain top should be!

I'm still enjoying work, although it's a bit strange at the moment as my immediate boss & only other person who is in my team and my office is away all week. I'm faffing about quite a lot trying to make up things to do. Have a minor panic attack whenever the phone rings that it will be someone wanting a quick answer on something I have no idea about - although I have impressed myself so far by managing to deal with most things (albeit as vaguely and non-commitedly as possible).

My cousin came to visit for dinner tonight (once again the week day non-drinking fails!). It was good to see him - and about time too, seeing as I've been here almost 3 months now.