Dozy Rosie

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I am ridiculously busy at the moment (& for the foreseable future, which is basically until my course finishes at the end of August). I quite enjoy being busy, although not the panicky feeling that I'll not get all my coursework in on time. Also, I feel a bit guilty for neglecting people / not having enough time for them.

It must be the weekend to visit London. Have seen both my parents and Lucy. Was lovely to see them all and catch up (although I found my lack of voice slightly frustrating - but it didn't stop me trying to talk!)

Looking forward to Christmas and having a bit of a break, but am slightly scared by how quickly it (& therefore several deadlines) is approaching.

Lots of work to do, so better get back to it!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Miserable Londoners

I'm beginning to realise why Londoners are so miserable (especially when on the tubes, which appear to make people unable to acknowledge the existence of others, smile or be polite). On second thoughts, perhaps it isn't exclusively the tube that causes problems - inability of people to queue at bus stops is another thing I have discovered recently.

Obviously in busy times when transport systems are overcrowded people are going to be delayed / uncomfortable and become cross. But surely a bit of friendliness would help put them into better moods and make everyone's life more pleasant?

I have to admit that there are exceptions, and thank you to the kind gentleman who saved me from making a complete spectacle of myself by tripping on the tube home earlier (and also then giving me a paper to read!)