Dozy Rosie

Monday, March 19, 2007

Am I Turning Into A Southern Softy?

It's very cold down here again

Only 4 days, 1 test and 2 presentations to go until the end of term.
May even allow myself a day off on Saturday. Definitely going to get out of this big city for a bit :)

Think I have sorted out my dual personality problem now. Peggy Sue and I have our identities back.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dual Personality

Living up to being Dozy!

Blogger made me change my account to the new Google blogger and I have somehow been transformed into Peggy!

I can't figure out how to fix it now - I have the same log-on for Dozy Rosie as for Dog Tails and this has put the same 'My Profile' onto both.

Does anyone know how I can either add different profiles to the different blogs or separate them into different accounts without deleting one of the blogs?!

Otherwise I will just have to remain as Peggy!

Please note: this does not mean that I write PS's blog - obviously she does write it herself, this has happened because I helped her to set it up in the first place and she didn't have her own e-mail address.