Dozy Rosie

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things making sense too late

Well, it's not really too late yet - but I'm begining to realise now how it would be better to structure my dissertation and could have done with knowing this a while ago. However, it is all starting to make a lot more sense than it has been and I feel I should be able to produce something at least half decent.

The main problem is that a lot of it is still vague ideas / very rough waffle. I do find sometimes my brain runs away too quickly with good ideas and I can't keep up then forget what they were. I try writing things down as I think of them - but just end up with a load of rough notes that I can't quite understand!

5 weeks to go... which means 4 to hopefully have it all finished, with 1 to spare for printing, binding, panicking etc

Generally feeling far more positive about it now than I have been doing throughout - which should be a good sign. Definitely looking forward to it being over though!

I sense this blog post may be as randomly waffly as most of my dissertation is so far - but the general gist should be apparent!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Greek Dyslexia

I've spent all morning trying to get a complicated calculation to work. Checked all of the different values twice, did it by hand to see if I'd put something into Excel wrong, no luck. Have eventually realised that I was getting my Greek letters mixed up. g and l look far too similar to me! (that's gamma & lambda - blogger doesn't seem to have symbol font).

Quite annoying, but I'm happy to have found my way to the right answer at last!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Grrrrr... Free newspapers

I am quite capable of picking up a newspaper if I want one. I don't see the need to have 4 thrust in front of me at every corner / station entrance / everywhere else they are waiting to pounce or getting in the way of people trying to go places.

OK, rant over.

Had a bit of a break from my dissertation this weekend. Raff took me out for dinner for my birthday on Friday :) Quarter of a century now, eek! Then I was helping set things out at the World Scout Jamboree site. Would have been nice to stay and get into the camp atmosphere properly, but I can't :( Am hoping to visit during the event at some point though :)

Been feeling a bit miserable, mostly I think because I am stressed about getting my dissertation finished and also because I'm not getting to see much of Raff - but then I end up taking it out on him which isn't very fair or make much sense!

Monday, July 09, 2007


Go on .... download it ... you know you want to!

Click For The Song Of The Summer!

Shrek, Bikes and Things

Raff & I went to see Shrek 3 one evening last week. I enjoyed it, although it definitely wasn't as good as 1 & 2. As often happens with these films I suppose, they find something good and try to repeat it but run out of the best ideas. I regretted having not found some over trousers to cycle to the cinema in as there was a huge downpour of rain/hail just after I left the flat and so I had soggy jeans all the way through.

Went to watch some of the Tour de France timetrials on Saturday. I hadn't quite anticipated the true scale of the event - I guess being the first sunny day we have had in a while probably had something to do with the huge crowds. Walking from Vauxhall to Green Park to meet my friends was a bit of a mistake - kept finding the way I wanted to go fenced off and having to find an alternative route. I did make it in the end though. We saw some of the "caravan" and had a pic nic in Green Park. Then got "trapped" by the cycle track in Hyde Park, having to join a huge queue to get over one of the two temporary bridges to get out again.

Have had a headache since getting home on Saturday :( Thought it was probably down to too much sun and dehydration, but whilst it's not nearly bad as it was having had lots of water and sleep it's still niggling away.

My dissertation is slightly further along than my last blog post - I have learnt to use some software that I'll need and have more idea of the input parameters etc I need to put into it. Must get on with it as I'm hoping to have next saturday and possibly sunday off.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

July's here

Oh dear, that means I have only 2 months left to do my dissertation. I feel I really should be further on with it than I am at this stage. I'm not using my time very well at the moment - I'm sure things would be going much better if I just got on with it!

It's far more tempting to think about wedding planning (even though I know there's nothing that needs to be done on that front for now) - or finding somewhere to live (which it's still a bit too early for looking for anyway)

Just need to concentrate on the task at hand!

On the plus side - only 2 months to go until I'm finished :)