Dozy Rosie

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sarah's Hen Party

Had a great weekend in Nottingham for Sarah's hen party. In brief summary, we painted plates/bowls/teapots etc, went to a restaurant for dinner (Chinese; very tasty & lots of it) & went to a few bars. I somehow managed to acquire several free drinks over the course of the evening :) Sarah got to dance with Mr Incredible! This morning (?afternoon) we went for a wander in Woolaton park & then went to a pub for lunch. Was going to put some photos up, but they are taking too long to upload so might have to wait til I can connect to broadband.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Another year older

It was my birthday last week, & I was considering a contemplative post about the last year / the next to come but I don't think I've got time for that now. Anyway, I had a lovely day - despite having to work possibly for the first time ever on my birthday. Raff took me out to a Thai restaurant for dinner, which was very nice. I then had to manage to stay awake until about midnight for mum & dad to arrive (their main reason for visiting being my proximity to Stanstead).

Work has been very busy recently, & making me feel a bit stressed. I usually enjoy it more when it's busier, but it'd help if I wasn't so tired.

This weekend was pretty tiring, but fun - spent it putting up tents at the site for Eurojam. Raff's now dissappeared off there so I'm not going to see him for ages :(

Been out for a meal with the rest of the Guiders in my district tonight. Better stop now & get to bed, as I'm out on site in the morning so need to be getting up early.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Quiet Weekend

Other than having guests for dinner last night I've not particularly done anything this weekend, which has been quite nice! My guests were the people who I stayed with for a few days before I could move into my flat - that was four months ago now & so I was feeling a bit bad for not having invited them sooner. Good thing I did it this weekend as I probably won't be free again before September now! It's ridiculous how busy I always seem to be - keep thinking things will get quieter but they just don't (apart from for this weekend).

Last week was a bit strange. Felt really sad early in the week for no reason that I could put a finger on. Probably was because I was tired. Was my usual happy self again by wednesday.

Have uploaded some more photos - from my weekends in Canterbury & Snowdonia.