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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hebden Royd 0 - West End 0

Ok, so that was at half time & by the end West End had scored 3 goals whereas we'd still not got any in. Still, was better than previous weeks have been and one of their coaches said that watching us play it was hard to believe we'd lost 7-0 (or something similar) last week. Probably helped that we had a full team (even had subs!)

Had a fun weekend in Nottingham for Ed's birthday. We went out for a curry, followed by a house party at Ed, Matt (who's birthday it also was) & John's house. (Is that apostrophe in the right place?!) Lots of fun & silliness! Photos should follow once I have them from JJ. Saturday we went ice skating & played pool in the pub. Started watching Pulp Fiction, but was too tired to follow it. Must watch it one day!


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    Poor sound quality? What a shame! I'm sure the video clips will be far better without


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