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Monday, January 17, 2005

Too much excersize can't be good!

After writing my last post Peggy came home & chose a walk with me over a cycle with mum & dad so I did get my walk in - Toph took us past Bradley Woods, over the motorway & across a golf course.

Saturday night was my church's social group "Safari Supper", where we eat different courses in different houses. That was a fun night - good food, good wine & good company. One of the highlights was probably Lucy's new dancemat - which she eventually let me have a turn on. Found it to be a lot more difficult than it looked, & more tiring than expected!

Played my first football match of the year yesterday - we beat Hemsworth Minors 7-1, meaning for once we make it past the first round of a cup! The pitch was in a bit of a sorry state, to say the least, especially since the junior team tore it up further before we got to play. Came off very wet & very muddy - just the way it should be :)

Was aching a bit this morning, having been quite battered about yesterday. Didn't stop me from playing squash with Tweak & going to football training tonight - a glutton for punishment! Actually don't feel so bad now, but perhaps tomorrow morning will be a different story.

I've just finished writing my resignation letter - will be leaving my current job mid-Feb to go off and do some contract work (hopefully!) It's a step in the right direction (so long as it does actually happen).


  • At 11:39 pm, Blogger Toph said…

    I got told on the sidelines that there were 3 matched before yours and the muddy area was because that is where someone does rugby practice on a Thursday.

    I'm sure everything will be ok jobwise, it's just a case of taking the brave first step towards freeing yourself.


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