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Monday, February 07, 2005

We won!

We had a good game of football yesterday. Beat Farsley 3-2. It was good to play a game where it was worth keeping on putting the effort in, rather than being down 7-0 or whatever and there not seeming much point! On the downside, I felt like a really poor player. Everytime I was in a position of being able to do something useful I seemed to mess it up. Didn't enjoy being winded by the ball hitting me in the stomach - still feel like I spent all of yesterday afternoon doing sit ups & I think my ribs are bruised :( Guess that's my fault for never considering how much something might hurt before letting it happen. Looking up again, at training tonight I realised how I could try & do a few things a bit different to be a bit better - will just have to see if I manage to put them into practice in a match situation (mainly related to changing direction with the ball instead of running it straight off the end of the pitch).

It's my last week at work. I have an interview next week for a geotechnical technician job, which is sounding quite promising so fingers crossed. I'll be sad to leave my present job (again) & feel a bit guilty that they might be really busy & short staffed next week & I'm likely to not be doing much at all!


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