Dozy Rosie

Monday, March 21, 2005

London, Churches, Chickens & Yellow Jackets

I feel like I have lots I should be blogging about, so apologies if this turns out to be too long. But what should I be sorry for? It’s not as if you’re obliged to read it all.

I went into London on Saturday to meet Sarah, Sophie & Anna. I’ve not seen Sophie or Anna since graduating, so it was really lovely to catch up. We saw a play in the afternoon – ‘A Life In The Theatre’. It was of the sort that make me feel very stupid – in that there must be far more to it than I could actually see in it. It felt quite bizarre being able to just pop into London for the day.

Last Sunday I went to the church close to my home and found it to have a very small and not particularly welcoming congregation. I tried two other churches yesterday – both closer towards the city centre, much busier & livelier & with lots of people my age. They were lots friendlier & more welcoming and I think both would be good to go to. Now I just have to decide which – although it looks like I’ll be away for several weekends now so I probably won’t be going to any Cambridge churches for a while. It makes me feel quite sad that the first one doesn’t appeal because it was small and lacking in young people – as obviously what it needs is more people to go, but the potential new people (like me) will be put off because there aren’t many people there, putting them in a bit of a chicken & egg situation.

Talking of chickens, I need to learn how to cook just enough food. I’m hopeless at cooking for one. Always end up with far too much! Perhaps I should start inviting people for dinner – that should be a good way to make some friends. There again, I need to know the people before I start asking them around. Back to the eggs – or should that be chickens? Hmm

I’m really enjoying work. I’ve been writing reports & things that I didn’t think I’d really be able to do straight away, but it seems I can! Today I got to don a hardhat & yellow jacket and venture out on site, where I got to play with the mud J

I’ve been feeling happy all the time since I came to Cambridge. It’s a good feeling – although seems a bit bizarre in a way, as I can’t entirely explain it! I suppose it must be because I’m enjoying my new job & getting to know a new place and, although I’m a little friendless at the moment, I like having the quiet alone time to read or whatever & haven’t really had much time to get lonely yet. Perhaps it's just that I've been going to bed at a sensible time and getting plenty of sleep, which I probably didn't do much before. I was made a bit sad today, but not for myself.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Summer's Here :)

Last week I thought Cambridge must be the coldest place on Earth. All has changed now though - the past couple of days it has been lovely & warm. The good weather made me really wish I had a bike to cycle home from work on today, instead of sitting in the car. It also inspired me to go for a run around the park - although I didn't run particularly far.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I’ve got my flat connected to the internet now (albeit a painfully slow connection compared with the broadband back in Halifax!) & thought it was about time I updated my blog.

It’s about a week since I moved into my flat here, having stayed with some family friends at the beginning of last week. I’ve pretty much unpacked everything now & it’s starting to feel like home. I think I’m going to like Cambridge. All that I’ve really taken a dislike to so far is the horrible hard water they have down here, but I’m sure I’ll manage to cope with it!

I’m enjoying my new job. The people are friendly & the work seems to be interesting. I have quite a strong sense of not knowing very much about most of it – am looking forward to being more familiar with the things I’m doing. Although slightly daunting, it’s fun to be doing a new thing. The two engineers I work with are both out tommorrow, so looks like I'm in charge of the office :)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

In need of a bigger car

I hate packing!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Flat Hunting

Mum & I spent the last couple of days down in Cambridge looking for somewhere for me to live. Got off to a worrying start, when the first place we looked at (& also one of the more expensive ones on our list) was pretty terrible. Things did improve from there though. Think we ended up looking at about 8 or 9 different flats, most of which would have been ok & a couple of which were terrible.

In the end I decided on the second one we'd seen. I can make it sound posh by telling you it has a separate dressing room, but then it doesn't actually have a bedroom. It's pretty small & compact, but has everything I should need. If all goes well, I should be moving in half way through next week :)

We've some family friends near to Cambridge who've kindly offered to let me stay until I do get into my flat - thank you.

Time to start thinking about packing...