Dozy Rosie

Monday, December 25, 2006

Family Argument

Please help solve this problem:

1930s or 1930's?

1930s would simply be the plural of 1930, but is 1930's correct because the ' stands for the "ie" missing from 1930ies despite the rest of the number not being written in letters?

Another chaotic christmas in our house, but less stressful than last year and pretty enjoyable :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sorry, I'm in a grumbly mood!

What kind of a national health system, set up to ensure everyone gets the right vaccinations etc they need whilst at school and where everyone is supposedly identifiable by a single number attached to their records, doesn't record officially anywhere what vaccinations people have had?

Now I'm going to have to spend the first day of my much needed holiday sitting in a hospital waiting room to have tests that I'm pretty certain I don't need, all because me saying I've been jabbed isn't good enough.

On a positive note, only 1/2 a day of uni to go :) A good thing as I think I'd be in danger of cracking up pretty soon otherwise!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The quiet relatively gentle last week of term I had been hoping for is turning into a bit of a stressful nightmare! Ah well, only 2 days to go before this first part of the endurance test is over.

On a positive note, the test we had on Tuesday wasn't as bad as I had expected (which doesn't mean I got most of it right, but I was at least able to understand the questions well enough to have a vague stab at answering them!)

Also managed to fit in a game of squash this afternoon (have been trying to arrange it since start of term in October) - was good fun and I must do it more often. Have a feeling I'm going to ache tomorrow.

I fear that I'm resorting to blogging instead of getting on with what I really should be. It's too easy to find things more preferable to do than figuring out a 22000+ row spreadsheet.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Looking forward to the holiday

Had coursework due in and 2 presentations to do last week. By the end of it was pretty exhausted. Had a lovely weekend in Cambridge, involving very little work. Problem is I've gone into 'having a well deserved break' mode a week too early and not managing to concentrate on revising for tomorrow's test. Really must go back to doing some reading if I'm going to have a chance of being able to even attempt any of the questions!